About Us

Our passion

We are an innovation company – passionate about using mobile technology to help drivers understand and reduce their cost of motoring. We also devise solutions to help businesses and organisations with responsibilities for employees that drive for work purposes. Our solutions reduce the administrative burden and provide a simple way to manage drivers and their vehicles, saving cost in the process.

Our partners

We work with a range of partner organisations that have interests in the needs of drivers – this includes automotive manufacturers, fleet/leasing companies, insurance companies, after-sales organisations and employers with vehicle fleets.

Our data obsession

Embedded within our solutions we collect anonymised behavioural data and real-time responses from drivers. We analyse and interpret this data, providing intelligence to our clients that enables them to learn more about the needs of drivers and develop driver/consumer focussed initiatives that add value to the relationship between the organisation and the driver.

Our team

Our team has a wealth of experience of the automotive industry, between us we have worked for global vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies and major financial institutions. We have expertise in marketing communications, driver/fleet management and the application of mobile technology in support of driver needs.


Who are DriverConnex?

We are a growth innovation company on a mission to use mobile technology to empower people to know more about the role their car plays in their day to day mobility – either as individuals or as a business. Specifically how people use, look after and manage the costs associated with the vehicle(s) under their responsibility.

Can I use DriverConnex for my business?

Yes, there is a specific version designed for business use. This includes all the great features of DriverConnex but helps businesses ensure that anyone driving for business within the company is complying with relevant legislation and best practice (duty of care and expense/mileage taxation reporting).

Can DriverConnex compliment my existing fleet management system?

Yes, for large organisations we have enterprise solutions in the form of white-label modules of the key elements of DriverConnex; such that we can readily configure a solution to meet your exact needs.

Can I use DriverConnex outside of the UK?

DriverConnex has currently been developed solely for use in the UK – we are working on versions for other countries that we hope to announce soon.

What equipment do I need to use DriverConnex?

Just your mobile device with the DriverConnex app installed – that’s it, there is nothing else required – no black boxes or dongles or any other equipment at all.

Where can I give feedback or report a bug?

Please email us at support@driverconnex-wordpress.t4connex-app.com thank you.